Want to help?  Read these frequently asked questions to get started!

What is the Barbie Girls Project?The Barbie Girls Project is simply the name of our initiative that describes our mission of gifting Barbie dolls to girls in need.  Over the years, we have also gifted all manner of toys and wishlist items for boys and girls as well as pets.  The Barbie Girls Project name reflects its founders as being what we describe as real-live Barbie girls, and this is their (our) project.  As such, we reach out the community where and when we see a need, which may vary by month or year.  And while we may work with certain organizations at various times to obtain partnerships with them, we do not have any stake in their organizations directly and are purely on a volunteer basis with any local, national, or global organization we mention by name.  You can read all about how we got started here.

What donations do you accept? The Barbie Girls Project collects donations of new-in-box or gently used Barbie dolls and accessories, new-in-box toys from other brands for children (girls and boys) ages 0-18, and a variety of wishlist items for children, as well as for shelter dogs and cats.  Examples of children's toys include action figures, board games, construction and science kits, art supplies, baby dolls, gift cards, and children's books.  Items for dogs and cats include chew toys, and other plush toys, balls, blankets, leashes and collars, and towels.  Local organizations we support (but are not limited to) include: The Julian Center, The Metropolitan School District of Washington Township Schools, The Indianapolis Humane Society, and the Indianapolis Public Library System.  Contact us if you would like to make monetary donations to any of our fundraising efforts.

Is The Barbie Girls Project a non-profit?  No.  We are strictly a special-interest group with a passion for community outreach.  During our active fundraising campaigns, we will always provide you with the names of the charities we are supporting, and if you provide us with your mailing information, we will obtain a year-end tax receipt for your donation on your behalf and mail it to you.

Are there cut-off dates for donations?  Typically, donations may be sent to The Barbie Girls Project year-round unless we are doing special holiday or seasonal fundraisers. Contact us for mailing information.

What events or projects have you worked on?  Starting first with an MSD Washington Township school located in Indianapolis, IN, we have also assisted with donation campaigns with Indy Fire and Rescue, Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, The Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, local family shelters within the Indianapolis area, Grace Church, and Child Advocates.  We continue to expand our reach as we obtain leads from our community partners, friends, and family.

Do you have a newsletter?  We don't, but that is currently something being considered!  In the meantime, feel free to follow us on Twitter @barbie_charity or by liking us on Facebook to stay in the know!  And of course, you may also drop us a line at any time if you have additional questions not found on this page.